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    Hello! I am Kreslyn Kelley-Ellis, and I happy to connect with each of you! I have degrees in business and education, a Doctorate in Education Administration, and am a former school principal. I have been in business for my self as a coach, trainer, and consultant for eight years now. I also teach a graduate level Leadership course at a local university. However, recently I enrolled in a Psychology Ph.D. program and anxious to figure out new ways to serve my clients and community. With my myriad of professional experience, I often second guess what direction to take. For instance, I am wondering if I should get ICF (International Coach Federation) certified, for I have hundreds of hours in coaching, or just use tools like this. Does this program have a certified coaching program? I am certain that at some point I am going to find the main vein; but, for right now, I hope that this community will be able to help guide me. In the meantime, I plan to use the tools that I have been introduced to and hope to learn from you as well. Good Day!!!

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    Dear Kreslyn,

    How lively it is for me to have just joined this community today and find such learned souls as yourself for me to learn from. I too share some of your questions about certification… Though I am not as qualified as you.

    My opinion: I suspect that with your level of training and experience, coaching certification might be kind of redundant… You already have the credibility factor to survive and thrive as a coach, consultant, trainer and author- along with using this toolkit for reference, support and guidance).

    I have been involved in youth work since my late teens (almost 20 years), and also have a background in law enforcement (was a police officer for a few years). I finished my 4-year psychology degree in 2016,though have not yet used it in an official capacity.

    For almost 5 years I have been a parole officer based in a prison where I interview inmates to determine who is suitable for parole. I was promoted to Unit Leader about a year ago, and now I train a team of officers to do likewise (while juggling my responsibilities as mum to my 3 young daughters).

    I am looking to start up a side business which will involve group training for teenage girls to foster social, professional and personal growth & resilience within a positive psychology framework.

    I am really looking forward to learning great strategies from the material and the group, to help me enhance the curriculum I have developed for my own embryo of a coaching business.

    Best regards and best of luck with your studies and your journey.

    Trish from Australia

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