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    hi there
    I’m running some team development workshops within a voluntary organisation and one of the elements I’m focusing on is building resilience – individually and as a team. is there a tool anyone can recommend for this purpose?
    many thanks

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    Lucinda Poole

    Hi Penny. Thanks for getting in touch, and welcome to the Toolkit community 🙂

    Perhaps a good first step would be to measure your participants’ levels of resilience (i.e., ability to bounce back or recover after a setback) individually. You could use the Brief Resilience Scale in the Toolkit for this (see:

    You could then guide the team through the Benefit Finding exercise, also in the Toolkit (see This tool was developed for building resilience after a traumatic event, however could be easily adapted to focus on a recent challenge/difficulty at work, which might be more relevant to your group? The exercise could be completed in groups if you wanted to simultaneously build collaboration and team work skills.

    All the best with the workshops. Let us know how you go!


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    I am also building a workshop around resilience and while I think the above are both very useful. I’d like to explore options for going deeper with this so that they can perform exercises and learn tools to help them build their resilience muscle. Are there any other options you can recommend?

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    Hugo Alberts

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Thanks for your message. Resilience has a lot to do with one’s outlook on setbacks and different times.

    I highly recommend these tools:

    Please let me know if this was helpful!

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