Types of Therapy

Articles on therapies and modalities that can be used in both clinical or positive psychology centered coaching or therapy sessions.

Lego Therapy

Lego Therapy: How Play Can Heal People (+ Resources)

Connecting with others is more than just a pleasure; it’s a core human need. However, for an estimated 1 in 160 children worldwide with autism [...]

Cognitive Therapy

What Is Cognitive Therapy? 10 Types & Research Findings

The links connecting our thoughts together define our attitudes, emotions, and behaviors. Examining and understanding these links provides an extremely promising target for therapeutic intervention. [...]

Nature Therapy

What Is Nature and Ecotherapy & How Does It Work?

There is much wisdom and healing to be found in nature if we’re willing to connect with it. Caring for animals, taking a stroll in [...]

Animal assisted therapy dog

Animal Therapy Explained: 4 Best Courses & Certifications

The relationship between humans and animals is dynamic and varied. Many people consider their pets to be family members, and research shows that the human–animal [...]

Training in Schema Therapy

Training in Schema Therapy: 14 Courses and Online Options

Our childhood experiences pave the way for enduring patterns and themes that can shape our relationships, coping styles, and ultimately, the direction of our lives. [...]

Types o f Therapy

Different Types of Therapy: Choosing the Right Treatment

The importance of mental health is becoming a widely accepted aspect of human development and wellbeing. According to the National Association of Mental Illness (2021), [...]

Systems Therapy

What Is Systems Therapy? 7 Theories & Techniques Explained

Family therapy often involves identifying ways to stop family members from using existing unhelpful solutions so that new ones might emerge (Watson, 2012). We often [...]

Therapeutic relationship

How to Build a Strong Therapeutic Relationship With Clients

A solid therapeutic relationship is vital for clients to get the most out of therapy and remain in treatment (DeAngelis, 2019). It’s as powerful, if [...]

Termination in Therapy

Termination in Therapy: The Art of Gently Letting Clients Go

Successfully ending the relationship between therapist and client – known as termination – is a crucial aspect of psychotherapy (Joyce, Piper, Ogrodniczuk, & Klein, 2007). [...]

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: 12 Findings & Training Options

If any therapeutic approach were to raise an eyebrow or two, it would probably be psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Therapy in itself can be intense, challenging, and [...]

3 Positive CBT Exercises (PDF)