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Here you will find theoretical positive psychology articles, book summaries, and reviews that explain scientific concepts and findings in the field for the sake of understanding and mastering these topics.

environmental psychology

What is Environmental Psychology?

The term “environmental psychology” might be a bit ambiguous or confusing to you; if it is, you’re certainly not alone. It’s not a very large [...]

Attention Restoration Theory

What is Kaplan’s Attention Restoration Theory (ART)?

Spending time in nature, by watching a sunset, gazing at the ocean or mountains, sitting in a park, escaping to the countryside or a nature [...]

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

What Is Positive Psychology & Why Is It Important?

If you’ve been hearing the term “positive psychology” thrown around a lot, but you’re not quite sure what it is, you’ve come to the right [...]

Abraham Maslow

Abraham Maslow, His Theory & Contribution to Psychology

Abraham Maslow was one of the most influential psychologists of the twentieth century. Among his many contributions to psychology were his advancements to the field [...]

Positive Psychology Theory

Martin Seligman’s Positive Psychology Theory

Positive psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing. It focuses on individuals’ and communities’ positive aspects and strengths as a path to wellbeing. As [...]

What makes life worth living

Positive Psychology: An Introduction, Summary, & PDF

What makes life worth living? It’s a vast, daunting, and vital question. For much of psychology’s existence, the focus on mental disorders has not translated [...]

3 Positive Psychology Tools (PDF)