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Here you will find theoretical positive psychology articles, book summaries, and reviews that explain scientific concepts and findings in the field for the sake of understanding and mastering these topics.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Books

14 Best Books on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and commitment therapy, or ACT (pronounced “act”), is an evidence-based psychological therapy that blends cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and mindfulness-based approaches to treatment. ACT is a [...]

Cross cultural

What Is Cross-Cultural Psychology? 11 Theories & Examples

As psychologists, counselors, and therapists, we must never lose sight of the fact that humans are members of a cultural species. Therefore, we must consider [...]

Sports Psychology

What Is Sports Psychology? 9 Scientific Theories & Examples

Heading out the door at 5 a.m. for another long, cold training run in the dark takes single-minded motivation. And maintaining focus when your team is [...]

Separation Anxiety

What Is Separation Anxiety? 9 Worksheets to Use in Therapy

Separation anxiety is characterized by excessive anxiety upon being separated from major attachment figures such as parents. Despite its origins in childhood, separation anxiety can [...]

Sports Psychology Books

20 Best Sports Psychology Books for Motivating Athletes

While some athletes break through under pressure, performing at their very best, others falter, never realizing their potential (Mack & Casstevens, 2001). Mental toughness, resilience, [...]


Epigenetics vs Genetics: How Do Genes Influence Behavior?

Richard Dawkins’s book The Selfish Gene created a considerable stir when it was first published in 1976. At that time, no one knew for sure [...]

Cognitive Dissonance Theory

Cognitive Dissonance: Theory, Examples & How to Reduce It

“Tomorrow I will start my diet,” I reflected, while munching a doughnut. If this has ever happened to you, you have experienced first-hand what this [...]

Consciousness in psychology

Consciousness in Psychology: 8 Theories & Examples

Consciousness is an enigma. While vital to the human experience, it remains obscure and hidden – the ghost in the machine (Hofstadter & Dennett, 1982). An [...]

Personality Psychology

Personality Psychology Explained: 7 Theories and Assessments

At one time or another, we all question who we are and how well we know ourselves. It’s part of the human condition. The search [...]

evolutionary psychology

What Is Evolutionary Psychology? (+ Real Life Examples)

Like any other organ of the body, the brain is the product of many thousands of years of natural selection. If this is true of [...]

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