Stress & Burnout Prevention

Help others better manage stress, create a healthier work-life balance and identify burnout warning signs to stop overwhelm before it becomes unmanageable.

Breathing exercises

12+ Breathing Exercises for Managing Anxiety (Incl. PDF)

Breathing is more than a physical requirement to live. It is also foundational to spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of life. Hindus call it prana, [...]

Stress Relief Books

13 Stress-Relief Books About the Science of Managing Anxiety

Managing anxiety and stress can be a daunting task, especially for those who do not have the skills or knowledge to understand where these emotional [...]

Breathing for stress relief

7 Stress-Relief Breathing Exercises for Calming Your Mind

Most of us rarely, if ever, experience extreme stress from life-threatening events. And yet, we spend much of our lives in a state of half-anxiety, [...]

Teacher burnout

Teacher Burnout: 4 Warning Signs & How to Prevent It

High-stakes assessments. Unruly students. Difficult parents. Last-minute principal walkthroughs. A lack of resources or time. A global pandemic. These alone are enough to make anyone [...]

Workplace Stress

16 Causes of Workplace Stress & How to Prevent Its Effects

Are you falling behind with your work commitments? Snappy with loved ones and having trouble sleeping? Are you working long hours yet not getting enough [...]

How to relieve stress

How to Relieve Stress: 37 Simple Activities and Games

Periodic stress is a fact of modern life. But we need not see stress as something perpetual, punishing, and unmanageable. Instead, by learning to apply [...]

Stress relief techniques

26 Best Stress-Relief Techniques According to Psychology

A traffic jam, a nightmare boss, a toxic relationship. All are nasty sources of stress that vary in how long they last and how much [...]

Social Worker Burnout

Preventing Social Work Burnout: 37 Therapeutic Activities

Given the emotional and demanding nature of social work, burnout is a significant problem among social workers. As burnout often results in negative emotional and [...]

Depression worksheets

13 Helpful Worksheets for Combating Depression

Feeling depressed, helpless, lost or extremely sad is something everyone experiences. However, when a depressed mood or unbearable sadness is present for a long time [...]

Geriatric Therapy

Geriatric Therapy: How to Help Older Adults With Depression

As life expectancies continue to increase in industrialized countries, so too will the prevalence of emotional and psychiatric disorders such as depression among older people. [...]

3 Stress Exercises Pack