Strengths & Virtues

Everyone has a characteristic set of strengths and virtues, that is, things that they are naturally “good” or “strong” on. Research in Positive Psychology suggests that there are (at least) 24 strengths and virtues that are recognized in most cultures.

character strengths assessments

3 Most Accurate Character Strengths Assessments and Tests

Character strengths are an indispensable aspect of positive psychology. They are a collection of personal abilities that buffer against mental health disorders and positively impact [...]

Working with strengths

12 Strength-Based Skills & Activities to Boost Your Practice

Strengths-based approaches deploy the inherent strengths of clients to aid recovery and cultivate a sense of empowerment in terms of their own lives and treatment [...]

character strength examples

15 Character Strength Examples, Interventions & Worksheets

One of the biggest topics in positive psychology is character strengths. If you have given any positive psychology resource even a cursory glance, you have [...]

9 Strength Finding Tests and Assessments You Can Do Today

If someone asked you to define your top strengths, how would you respond? Our strengths reflect inherent potentials that can help us achieve goals across [...]

The 5 Character Strengths of Wisdom in Positive Psychology

Our fascination with wisdom dates back for thousands of years. Many people throughout history have pondered what it means to be wise. How do you [...]


Zest in Positive Psychology: Satisfaction in Life and Work

If you’re feeling tired and burned out, it might be time to tap into your inner ‘zest.’ In positive psychology, zest refers to having energy, [...]

Strength-based approach

What Is a Strength-Based Approach? (Incl. Examples & Tools)

When you consider the word “strength,” what comes to mind? Hold on to that for a moment. For me, “strength” makes me think of words [...]

Personality traits

Personality & Character Traits: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

We would all benefit from being more aware of our characteristics and personality traits. That’s because they are significant predictors of our behaviors and attitudes. [...]


11+ Honesty Worksheets & Tests for Adults (+ PDF)

“Honesty is the best policy.” – Benjamin Franklin Or is it? Benjamin Franklin seems to think so, but he also said this: “Remember not only [...]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Detail)

Big Five Personality Traits: The OCEAN Model Explained

The Big Five personality traits are all about the following question: “Who are you?” It’s a simple enough question, but it’s one of the hardest [...]