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All positive psychology articles within this category deal with different subjects that lie within the field of positive psychology such as mindfulness, positive emotions and happiness.

negativity bias

What Is Negativity Bias and How Can It Be Overcome?

Do you sometimes feel stuck thinking about unpleasant encounters you’ve had or setbacks you’ve endured? When you read the news, do you find yourself drawn [...]

#7 Podcast – Finding Focus in an Age of Distraction

  In this conversation, Hugo and Seph discuss today’s challenge -and the costs of- distraction. How can we reap the benefits of deep focus and [...]

Positive Psychology Podcast 6 Podcast #6 – Nicole Geschwind on Positive CBT

In this episode on the podcast, Hugo talks with Positive CBT expert and researcher Nicole Geschwind. Nicole Geschwind published the world’s first study on [...]

Positive psychology exercises

19 Top Positive Psychology Exercises for Clients or Students

Humans are hardwired to pay attention to negative experiences. We have a propensity to attend to, learn from, and use negative information far more than [...]


How to Successfully Teach Positive Psychology in Groups

The efficacy of psychological interventions to increase wellbeing is, in many ways, the heart of positive psychology. While positive psychology can be beneficial in a [...]

#5 Podcast – Effortless Being

Do we really constantly have to push the membrane of reality? Or is there a way to spend more time in flow and to live [...]

#4 Podcast – What It Means To Be Humble

In this episode, Hugo and Seph talk about what it means to be humble, how diving very deep in a topic can foster humility, and [...]

#3 Podcast – How Positive Psychology Can Be Dangerous

Blindly applying positive psychology can be dangerous if you don’t take the factors discussed in this podcast into account… Hugo Alberts and Seph Fontane Pennock [...]

#1 Podcast – Out of Your Mind, Into Your Life

This is the first podcast, where you can join your hosts Hugo Alberts and Seph Fontane Pennock in their discussion on the importance and [...]

positive psychology websites

40+ Positive Psychology Websites You Should Know About

Looking for more information on a specific positive psychology topic? Here we’ve gathered an extensive list of other websites that may help you in your [...]

3 Positive Psychology Tools (PDF)