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Positive Psychology in the News is where Brad Desmond, our Chief News, and Current Affairs Supreme Thought Leader, tackles current events through a positive psychology lens.

ECPP: The European Conference on Positive Psychology

European Conference on Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is growing fast as an internationally respected discipline. Encouragingly, more and more Positive Psychology Conferences are held worldwide each year as neuroscience and practice evolve. In this article, we look at one of the largest and best-known—the European Conference on Positive Psychology. This article contains: The Goals of […]

10 Psychological Predictors of Health and Happiness Across the Lifespan

positive aging lifespan

Why do people age differently? Why do some people grow better and happier with age, constantly improving like a fine Cabernet Sauvignon, while other people simply decay with age? The only way to discover the secrets of a long and happy life would be to recruit a large group of […]

Martin Seligman’s Autobiography: The Hope Circuit

Martin Seligman’s Autobiography: The Hope Circuit

A brief history of psychology, the universe and everything. This is truly an auspicious occasion for the Positive Psychology community. Martin Seligman, the iconic founder of Positive Psychology, has finally published his autobiography, The Hope Circuit: A Psychologist's Journey from Helplessness to Optimism. This is more than just the memoir […]

The 2018 World Happiness Report: the World's Happiest Countries

The 2018 World Happiness Report: the World's Happiest Countries

The World Happiness Report is published annually by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The report ranks the happiness levels of 156 countries using the Gallup world poll. The poll asks respondents to think of their best possible life (rated at a 10), and the worst possible life (rated […]

The Psychology of Eye Contact Experiments [+Personal Experience]

The International Eye Contact Experiment: September 23, 2017

We are soft-wired to feel other people’s emotions just by looking at them. Without any words, we feel their joy, fear or anger. Responsible for this connection are brain cells called mirror neurons. But with many social interactions taking part online, where have real connections gone?   The Self-Experiment I […]

The Positive Psychology Of Successful Relationships (Oh, And Sex…)

positive psychology longterm relationship positivepsychologyprogram

Here’s the unhappy truth about long-term relationships: Over time, as couples get used to each other, they have less sex. There, I said it. Sad but true. In fact, as Sonja Lyubomirsky has noted, the amount of time two people have been together as a couple is a better predictor […]

3 Critiques of Positive Psychology: What Can It Gain from Criticism?

Since positive psychology is a relatively new field, criticisms have arisen around the extent of its use. This is natural for a burgeoning field as researchers establish protocols around the emerging science supporting this field. Criticism provides an opportunity to strengthen a field. Critiques establish weak points and invite scientists to […]

What is the Positive Psychology Movement?

positive psychology movement

Positive psychology is a scientific field. Unlike positive thinking, "happy-ology" or self-help, this field draws on the scientific method to understand the conditions allow people, groups, and institutions to thrive. "The good life is a process, not a state of being." - Carl Rogers In 2000, American Psychologist devoted a whole […]

Positive Psychology Progress: Empirical Validation of Interventions


Martin Seligman and his colleagues Steen, Park, and Peterson wrote the 2005 article "Positive Psychology Progress: Empirical Validation of Interventions," a central publication in positive psychology literature. It offers a review of the developments in the field between 2000 and 2005. The article includes a review of the growth observed in positive psychology, […]

Is Grit the New It? Develop Your Passion and Practice Perseverance

Have you ever seen someone—maybe a dancer or basketball player—demonstrate amazing ability in their field and assumed that they're gifted with an innate talent that only a few people possess? If you’re like most people, you answered "yes." People are enamored with the idea of innate talent and "giftedness," but […]

Critiques and Criticisms of Positive Psychology at the WCPP2015

critiques and critisism of positive psychology ippa world congress

Some of the greatest minds within the field of positive psychology met to discuss its critiques and criticism at the World Conference of Positive Psychology. If you were not in attendance, this article is for you. You'll find all of them categorized and listed below. Panel members: (from left to […]
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