Motivation & Goals

In this category, you will find all our science-based articles on motivation, self-determination theory, goal-setting and modalities like motivational interviewing.

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Goal-Setting: 20 Templates & Worksheets for Achieving Goals

We all have goals, some big, some small, some safe, and some bold. We wish to become a painter, to move to a new house, [...]

Self-Determination Theory (SDT) Perspective

21 Self-Determination Skills and Activities to Utilize Today

How do we move ourselves and others to act? It all hinges on motivation. People are often motivated to act by external influences, be they [...]

The Science of Improving Motivation at Work

All motivation comes from within, whether it is triggered by rewards or endeavors that enhance our self-image or intrinsically motivating activities that we engage in [...]

How to motivate

How to Motivate Someone, Including Yourself

We all seem to know how to live well, yet few of us can bring ourselves actually to do it. Many proposed motivational strategies routinely [...]

motivation in education

Motivation in Education: What It Takes to Motivate Our Kids

Bored or stressed, they are simply our kids. Many traditional public schools do not offer much in terms of autonomy nor allow students to learn [...]

Maslow pyramid

20 Most Popular Theories of Motivation in Psychology

To describe the indescribable seems to be the ambitious undertaking of motivation theories. The many approaches to defining what drives human behavior are best understood [...]


17 Motivational Interviewing Questions and Skills

Have you ever been “healed” by a long conversation with someone where you were given full attention and felt the other person really listened to [...]

Self-determination Theory

The Vital Importance and Benefits of Motivation

Being passive is not our default mode as human beings. Otherwise, we would have been born as a sloth or a panda bear (no offense [...]

measure motivation

How to Measure Motivation According to Positive Psychology

Motivation is a psychological force that enables action and has long been the object of scientific inquiry (Carver & Scheier, 1998). The study of motivation [...]

Motivational Model

What is Motivation? A Psychologist Explains

Motivation has as many faces as there are human desires. The simplest definition of motivation boils down to wanting (Baumeister, 2016). We want a change [...]

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