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In this category, you will find all our science-based articles on motivation, self-determination theory, goal-setting and modalities like motivational interviewing.

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Intrinsic motivation

How to Increase Intrinsic Motivation (According to Science)

Humans have grown to be curious, active, and deeply social beings, driven by intrinsic tendencies to understand and master both our inner and outer worlds [...]

Motivational Interviewing Quotes

36 Motivational Interviewing Quotes to Inspire Your Clients

Motivational interviewing is a collaborative therapeutic approach designed to guide clients toward behavioral change. This article presents quotes related to motivational interviewing that will inspire [...]

Motivational Interviewing Steps

Motivational Interviewing Steps: 4 Key Processes for Change

If you are a therapist, coach, medical professional, or business leader, then you are in the business of changing behavior. Think about it: therapists help [...]

Motivational Interviewing Principles

4 Principles of Motivational Interviewing to Elicit Change

Motivational interviewing is an excellent tool to help motivate your clients to achieve their goals. By getting clients to engage in behavior change, it is [...]

Motivational Interviewing Toolkit

Motivational Interviewing: 30+ Tools, Affirmations & More

Have you ever experienced the frustration of working with a client who just cannot seem to find the motivation to change their problematic behavior? Learning [...]

Comfort Zone

How to Leave Your Comfort Zone and Enter Your ‘Growth Zone’

Life is full of opportunities to step outside the comfort zone, but grabbing hold of them can be difficult. Sometimes the problem is not being [...]

motivational interviewing

What Is Motivational Interviewing? A Theory of Change

Conversations about change occur all the time. They can be related to just about anything and can happen with friends and family or with a [...]

The 6 Stages of Change: Worksheets for Helping Your Clients

It was Dean Karnazes’s 30th birthday, and he felt trapped. Despite a successful career and a happy marriage, he was lost and disillusioned. That evening, [...]

Goal-Setting: 20 Templates & Worksheets for Achieving Goals

We all have goals, some big, some small, some safe, and some bold. We wish to become a painter, to move to a new house, [...]

Self-Determination Theory (SDT) Perspective

21 Self-Determination Skills and Activities to Utilize Today

How do we move ourselves and others to act? It all hinges on motivation. People are often motivated to act by external influences, be they [...]

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