Happiness & SWB

Interesting articles about happiness as a branch of positive psychology, as well as important research findings about happiness and subjective wellbeing.

Authentic Living: How to Be Real According to Psychology

For the existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, authenticity was fundamental to the notion of freedom and living a meaningful life (Ang, 2019). Authentic living requires us [...]

Mental Wellbeing

What Is Mental Wellbeing? A Psychologist Explains

Have you ever noticed how everything seems manageable when you’re in a good mood? Or how a problem doesn’t seem so serious after you’ve woken [...]

Fear of happiness

What Is Cherophobia? How to Overcome a Fear of Happiness

Broadly speaking, happiness and wellbeing are thought to be essential components for a successful and fulfilling life. In fact, in 2012, the United Nations proclaimed [...]

Tripartite Model SWB

Subjective Wellbeing in Positive Psychology (Incl. PDF)

Do you believe wellbeing means the same thing to everyone? If we all enjoy and value different things, how is it possible to understand happiness? [...]

What is Hope in Psychology + 7 Exercises & Worksheets

While hope is an undoubtedly personal experience and one that can be challenging to define, the value and positive impact hope can have on human [...]

Life Satisfaction Scales

4 Scales to Measure Satisfaction with Life (SWLS)

Reflecting on our sense of happiness in different key areas of life can be difficult, especially if our life is seemingly all going well. Sometimes [...]

benefits of happiness

6 Benefits of Happiness According to the Research

There are very few people who would say they wouldn’t like to be happier, and it’s easy to see why. The feeling of happiness is [...]

the dark side of happiness

Can You Be “Too Happy”? A Look at Unhealthy Happiness

One of Aesop’s most quoted lines goes, “It is possible to have too much of a good thing.” Another version of this line states “too [...]

happiness tests and surveys

6 Happiness Tests & Scales to Measure Happiness

Happiness is subjective. We know when we feel happy and when we don’t, but how can we measure it? Psychologists have found a way to [...]


100+ Happiness Activities for Students, Groups and Adults

Happiness: what would it look like if it was easy? While a booming self-help industry has overwhelmed us with an abundance of well-intentioned advice on [...]

3 Happiness Exercises Pack [PDF]