Gratitude, gratefulness and appreciation have proven to be amongst the most powerful of human emotions. This is where you’ll learn more about gratitude.

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The 32 Best TED Talks And Videos on The Power of Gratitude

Here at, we have recently been discussing the power of gratitude from a variety of angles. Whether you have been following along all month [...]

The Little Book of Gratitude

5+ Best Books on Gratitude + Oliver Sacks’ Gratitude Book

Gratitude has been a hot topic in the world of positive psychology research for many years. In fact, if you type “gratitude” into Google Scholar, [...]

Gratitude Meditatio

Gratitude Meditation: A Simple but Powerful Intervention

Gratitude meditation is a type of meditation which, as the name suggests, focuses on gratitude. This article will define gratitude meditation, discuss some of its [...]

What is a Gratitude Journal?

Gratitude Journal: 66 Templates & Ideas for Daily Journaling

Gratitude is like most desirable traits and qualities in that it is usually not enough to simply decide to be grateful—we must actively practice it [...]

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Benefits of Gratitude: 28+ Surprising Research Findings

We recently posted an article about how to incorporate a regular practice of gratitude into your life. It includes some excellent tips, ideas, and exercises [...]

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The #1 Reason Why We Want More And More (And More)

The #1 thing that holds people back from having a smoothe-as-honey lifestyle, where you can just get up, feel great, and connect with other people [...]

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What is Gratitude and Why Is It So Important?

When you feel down in the dumps or find yourself in a funk, how do you cope? Do you turn to junk food, self-medication, shopping, [...]

3 Gratitude Exercises Pack