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Positive psychology articles related to the human body and brain. Which positive psychology theories and interventions can help us to improve physical and mental well-being?

Books about Mental Health

16 Best Mental Health Books on Wellbeing + 3 Workbooks

Do you need support while going through a rough patch, or need guidance to improve your mental health and wellbeing? Seeking advice from books can [...]

Quality of Life Questionnaires

5 Quality of Life Questionnaires and Assessments

If someone were to ask you to assess your quality of life on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you answer? More importantly, [...]

neurological benefits of exercise

10 Neurological Benefits of Exercise

Perhaps you have a rough idea about how exercise affects your health, weight, and energy levels. But do you know about its impact on the [...]

theory behind flow

Flow Theory in Psychology: 13 Key Findings & Examples

Have you ever been ‘in the zone?’ We all want to experience it. It’s intense, exhilarating, and satisfying. When we’re in the zone, or what [...]

Benefits of connecting with nature

The Positive Effects Of Nature On Your Mental Wellbeing

Nature heals. Just a walk in the woods or a stroll by the beach on a sunny morning can awaken the innermost feelings of happiness [...]


What Is Neuroplasticity? A Psychologist Explains [+14 Tools]

Our brains are truly amazing, aren’t they? Have you ever watched one of those specials on someone who experienced an amazing, unexpected recovery after a [...]

Intrusive thoughts

What Are Intrusive Thoughts in OCD & How to Get Rid Of Them?

Do you ever have intrusive thoughts popping into your head, unbidden and seemingly from thin air? You might be just going about your day when—suddenly—your [...]

Positive body image

2+ Positive Body Image Activities & Worksheets

How do you feel about your body? If you don’t immediately answer “Great!” with a smile—don’t worry, you’re not alone! This is a very common [...]

Mental Health Emergencies

28 Mental Health Games, Activities & Worksheets (& PDF)

Mental health is an important thing to talk about, but it can sometimes feel very uncomfortable. Despite this, increasing mental health awareness is crucial as [...]

Cognitive Distortions

Cognitive Distortions: 22 Examples & Worksheets (& PDF)

We tend to trust what goes on in our brains. After all, if you can’t trust your own brain, what can you trust? Generally, this [...]

3 Positive Psychology Tools (PDF)