Body & Brain

Positive psychology articles related to the human body and brain. Which positive psychology theories and interventions can help us to improve physical and mental well-being?

Sleep hygiene tips

20 Sleep Hygiene Tips and Worksheets for Kids & Teenagers

Every parent should know the importance of their own and their child’s sleep. When well-timed and of sufficient duration, it sets the scene for more [...]

Embodiment philosophy

Embodiment Practices: How to Heal Through Movement

When was the last time you felt truly connected to the sensations of your body and fully aware of the present moment? It is easy [...]

Cognitive Health

What Is Cognitive Health & Why Is It Crucial for Wellbeing?

Health and wellbeing have been studied since at least the 1950s as a complex construct involving several factors. These factors include diet, exercise, sleep, social [...]

Sleep coach

Become a Sleep Coach: 6 Certification Programs & Methods

These days you can find a coach for almost anything. There are life coaches, business coaches, performance coaches, and health coaches. But have you heard [...]

Assessment tools

12 Most Reliable Mental Health Assessment Tools

Assessment tools remain a cornerstone of many professions centering around the human mind. Typically, these assessments invite clients to respond to questions about their mental [...]

Piaget's Stages

Piaget’s Stages: 4 Stages of Cognitive Development & Theory

Have you ever experienced the following? You’re trying to explain something to a child, and even though it seems so obvious to you, the child [...]

How are habits formed?

How Are Habits Formed? The Psychology of Habit Formation

In his essay Of Habit, the French philosopher Ravaisson (1838/2008) describes habits as familiar yet mysterious. Actions that are repeated over time gradually became habits, [...]

Sleep habits

Sleep Hygiene Tips: 6 Worksheets for a Healthy Night’s Rest

2:57 a.m. Another five minutes have passed, and I am still awake. Morning looms. A third of adults in developed countries fail to get the [...]

Artificial Intelligence in Psychology

Artificial Intelligence in Psychology: 9 Examples & Apps

Artificial intelligence’s (AI) successful relationship with psychology has not just appeared; it has been evolving for decades. Joseph Weizenbaum from MIT developed the first chatbot, [...]

Biofeedback Therapy

Your Ultimate Biofeedback Therapy Toolkit

Life changes, while often vital to our wellbeing, can be a leap of faith. We try to become confident and less stressed, more assertive, and [...]

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