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Positive psychology articles related to the human body and brain. Which positive psychology theories and interventions can help us to improve physical and mental well-being?

Laughter Yoga

8 Best Laughter Yoga Therapy Exercises for Your Classes

You may burst into laughter at the very thought of laughter yoga. Go ahead; we won’t stop you from having a good chuckle at our [...]

Piaget Schemas

Piaget’s Schema & Learning Theory: 3 Fascinating Experiments

Jean Piaget’s theories of cognitive development remain hugely influential in both the popular and academic understanding of how our knowledge of the world is shaped [...]

Case Conceptualization Examples

How to Write a Case Conceptualization: 10 Examples and Templates

In the helping professions, working effectively with clients depends on understanding them well. Such understanding can be developed by reading relevant records, meeting with clients [...]

Active listening techniques

How to Practice Active Listening: 16 Examples & Techniques

Are you a good listener? Do you wonder if you could be better? Good listeners can stay present and engaged with what is being said. [...]

Nonverbal communication cues

How to Read Nonverbal Communication Cues: 5 Techniques

While we often consider verbal and nonverbal communication as distinct or even in opposition to each other, they are, in fact, closely entangled. Verbal communication [...]

Behavior change techniques

How to Change Behavior & Habits: 15 Therapy Techniques

Behavior change is recognized by politicians, scientists, and therapists worldwide as crucial to solving individual and social problems. The development of effective behavioral solutions to [...]

Mindfulness for anxiety

How to Use Mindfulness Therapy for Anxiety: 15 Exercises

Anxiety can leave a person feeling totally alone. Countless people worldwide understand what it’s like and share the same fears, struggles, and behavioral tendencies (Forsyth [...]

Your Ultimate Interoceptive Exposure Therapy Guide

When fearful, we experience a range of physical sensations, including sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, and a pounding heart (McCabe & Milosevic, 2015). One theory [...]


24 Best Self-Soothing Techniques and Strategies for Adults

Self-soothing is an emotional regulation strategy used to regain equilibrium after an upsetting event. Most of us are familiar with soothing others when they are [...]

Emotional Development Activities

16 Activities to Stimulate Emotional Development in Children

All kids are good kids. All feelings are okay; however, all behaviors are not. It is true that all children are inherently good. No longer [...]