Science-based articles

Positive psychology articles related to the human body and brain. Which positive psychology theories and interventions can help us to improve physical and mental well-being?

Applying Positive Psychology in Coaching: Your Ultimate Guide

Positive psychology is often associated with the positive aspects of life, yet it is much more than that. This fascinating, scientific study of what makes [...]

Cognitive Remediation Therapy

Cognitive Remediation Therapy: 13 Best Exercises & Worksheets

People experiencing mental health issues often have thinking and memory problems. This can result in concentration, organizational, and planning difficulties that impact their quality of [...]

Mental health quotes

28 Inspiring Mental Health Quotes That Will Empower You

Mental health is an integral component of maintaining good overall health. When individuals are mentally healthy, they are able to realize their own abilities, cope [...]

Coaching for anxiety

Coaching for Anxiety: 6 Techniques & Podcasts for Helping Clients

The ability to cope with feelings of anxiety and worry is a unique experience for every individual with these emotions. However, the main goal in [...]

Career counseling sessions

Career Counseling Resources: 10 Techniques for Your Sessions

Throughout our lives, we are likely to be troubled with questions or experience self-doubt regarding career choices and what to do next. We may turn [...]

Conflict Resolution

14 Conflict Resolution Strategies & Techniques for the Workplace

Life is full of lessons, an ongoing masterclass in the human condition. One lesson common to humanity is how to negotiate conflict skillfully. In a [...]

Highly Sensitive Person

What Is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)? 12 Tests & Treatments

Are you a sensitive soul? Do you know someone who is? Did you know there is a trait characterized by sensory processing sensitivity (SPS), which [...]

Social Skills Worksheets

11 Social Skills Worksheets for Seamless Social Interactions

Perhaps you feel shy, awkward, or anxious around other people. And that’s okay. All of us, at times, experience similar feelings and find making conversation [...]

Social Worker Toolbox

Social Work Toolbox: 37 Questions, Assessments, & Resources

Undoubtedly, the role of the social worker is a challenging one. This may be because of its unlikely position, balanced between “the individual and society, [...]

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems Therapy: 8 Worksheets and Exercises

What if the idea that we each have a single personality is entirely wrong? Instead of the one-mind view, maybe you, I, and everyone else [...]