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3 positive psychology exercises

Download 3 Free Positive Psychology Exercises (PDF)

Enhance wellbeing with these free, science-based exercises that draw on the latest insights from positive psychology.

the good life

What Is The Good Life & How To Attain It

There has been a great deal written and said about how to live The Good Life. Yet with more than 8 billion people on this [...]

3 Ways to Use Positive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) With Teens

Positive cognitive behavioral therapy, or positive CBT, is a strengths-based approach with positive psychology roots. The focus is not on what’s wrong with the client, but [...]

Combat false beliefs

How to Change Self-Limiting Beliefs According to Psychology

How many times have you written yourself off or passed up opportunities due to beliefs like these: “I’m too old to do that.” “There’s no [...]

harvard tal ben shahar

Positive Psychology 1504: Harvard’s Groundbreaking Course

Harvard’s Positive Psychology 1504, taught by professor Tal Ben-Shahar Ph.D., will enter the books as the most popular course in the history of Harvard University. In the spring [...]

Founding Fathers of Positive Psychology

The 5 Founding Fathers and A History of Positive Psychology

Positive psychology emerged during the late twentieth century as a branch of psychology concerned with the scientific study of wellbeing and the ‘good life’. The [...]

Positive Psychology Quotes

50+ Positive Psychology Quotes: Our Favorite Reflections

Powerful quotes can help you understand yourself and the world around you. They can even help you achieve personal fulfillment. Here is a list of [...]